Nikon COOLPIX A300 Reference Manual

Optional Accessories


Technical Notes

Optional Accessories

Availability may vary with country or region.
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Optional Accessories

Battery charger

MH-66 Battery Charger
Charging time is about 1 hour and 50 minutes for a fully exhausted 

AC adapter

EH-62G AC Adapter 
(connect as shown)

Make sure that the power connector cable is fully inserted in the 
power connector slot before inserting the AC adapter into the 
battery chamber. In addition, make sure that the power connector 
cable is fully inserted in the battery chamber slot before closing the 
battery-chamber/memory card slot cover. If part of the cable 
protrudes from the slots, the cover or cable may be damaged when 
the cover is closed.

Audio video 

EG-CP14 Audio Video Cable