1. Unplug the projector before cleaning.
2. Clean the cabinet periodically with a damp cloth. If heavily
soiled, use a mild detergent. Never use strong detergents
or solvents such as alcohol or thinner.
3. Use a blower or lens paper to clean the lens, and be care-
ful not to scratch or mar the lens.
Lamp Replacement
To replace the lamp, follow all instructions provided on page
Be sure to replace the lamp when the message "The lamp
has reached the end of its usable life. Please replace
the lamp.!!" appears. If you continue to use the lamp after
the lamp has reached the end of its usable life, the lamp
bulb may shatter, and pieces of glass may be scattered in
the lamp case. Do not touch them as the pieces of glass
may cause injury. If this happens, contact your NEC dealer
for lamp replacement.
Allow a minimum of 90 seconds to elapse after turning off
the projector. Then disconnect the power cable and allow
60 minutes to cool the projector before replacing the lamp.
Fire and Shock Precautions
1. Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation and that vents are
unobstructed to prevent the build-up of heat inside your
projector. Allow at least 3 inches (10 cm) of space between
your projector and a wall.
2. Prevent foreign objects such as paper clips and bits of pa-
per from falling into your projector. Do not attempt to re-
trieve any objects that might fall into your projector. Do not
insert any metal objects such as a wire or screwdriver into
your projector. If something should fall into your projector,
disconnect it immediately and have the object removed by
a qualified NEC service personnel.
3. Do not place any liquids on top of your projector.
Do not look into the lens while the projector is on. Serious
damage to your eyes could result.
Keep any items such as magnifying glass out of the light
path of the projector. The light being projected from the
lens is extensive, therefore any kind of abnormal objects
that can redirect light coming out of the lens, can cause
unpredictable outcome such as fire or injury to the eyes.
Do not cover the lens with the supplied lens cap or equiva-
lent while the projector is on. Doing so can lead to melting
of the cap and possibly burning your hands due to the heat
emitted from the light output.
Do not look into the laser pointer while it is on and do not
point the laser beam at another person.Serious injury could