Important Safeguards
These safety instructions are to ensure the long life of
your projector and to prevent fire and shock. Please
read them carefully and heed all warnings.
1. For best results, use your projector in a darkened room.
2. Place the projector on a flat, level surface in a dry area
away from dust and moisture.
3. Do not place your projector in direct sunlight, near heaters
or heat radiating appliances.
4. Exposure to direct sunlight, smoke or steam can harm in-
ternal components.
5. Handle your projector carefully. Dropping or jarring can dam-
age internal components.
6. Do not place heavy objects on top of the projector.
7. If you wish to have the projector installed on the ceiling:
a. Do not attempt to install the projector yourself.
b. The projector must be installed by qualified technicians
in order to ensure proper operation and reduce the risk
of bodily injury.
c. In addition, the ceiling must be strong enough to sup-
port the projector and the installation must be in accor-
dance with any local building codes.
d. Please consult your dealer for more information.
Power Supply
1. The projector is designed to operate on a power supply of
100-120 or 200-240 V 50/60 Hz AC. Ensure that your power
supply fits this requirement before attempting to use your
2. Handle the power cable carefully and avoid excessive bend-
ing. A damaged cord can cause electric shock or fire.
3. If the projector is not to be used for an extended period of
time, disconnect the plug from the power outlet.
Do not unplug the power cable from the wall outlet under any
one of the following circumstances. Doing so can cause damage
to the projector:
* While the Hour Glass icon appears.
* While the message "Please wait a moment." appears. This
message will be displayed after the projector is turned off.
* Immediately after the power cable is plugged into the wall
outlet (the POWER indicator has not changed to a steady or-
ange glow).
* Immediately after the cooling fan stops working (The cool-
ing fan continues to work for 90 seconds after the projector is
turned off with the POWER button).
* While the POWER and the STATUS indicators are alternately