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Front panel


Rear panel



• HDMI connections enable quick connection to various digital AV 

devices (7 inputs, 1 output)

The unit is equipped with 7 HDMI input connectors for connecting 

devices with HDMI connectors, such as a Blu-ray Disc player, game 

console, HD digital camcorder, HDTVs, etc.

• Supports HDMI (3D, ARC, Deep Color, “x.v.Color”, Auto Lip Sync, 

4K) and HDMI control function (vpage 201)

Advanced HDMI features are supported, including 3D passthrough, 

Audio Return Channel, Auto Lip Sync, Deep Color and “x.v.Color”, and 

HDMI CEC control functions. If a 4K digital video signal is input, it is 

passed through the unit unchanged, and the GUI overlay will adjust the 

resolution accordingly.

• Direct play for iPod and iPhone via USB (vpage 41)

Music data from an iPod or iPhone can be played back if you connect 

the USB cable supplied with the iPod via the USB port of this unit, and 

also an iPod and iPhone can be controlled with the remote control that 

comes with this unit.

• Multi-Room audio

Enjoy the same music in your home theater and another room at the 

same time (vpage 106).

• M-XPort (Marantz-eXtension Port) (vpage 47)

This unit is equipped with the M-XPort, a Marantz original innovation 

that provides outstanding expandability. You can connect the Wireless 

Receiver RX101 (sold separately) to this port.

Easy operation

• “Setup Assistant” provides easy-to-follow setup instructions 

First select the language when prompted. Then simply follow the 

instructions displayed on the TV screen to set up the speakers, network, 


• Easy to use Graphical User Interface

This unit is equipped with an easy to see Graphical User Interface that 

uses menu displays and features colorful icons and easy to understand 

controls for maximum ease of use.