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GAS STATION INFORMATION, Page 473 of 601 pages for Lexus LX450 2000 Owner Manual. The Owner Manual is applied into the following products: LX470 2000, LX570 2000

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GAS STATION INFORMATION Fuel selection: Select premium unleaded gasoline with an Octane Rating of 91 (Research Octane Number 96) or higher for optimum engine performance. However, if such premium type cannot be obtained, you may temporarily use unleaded gasoline with an Octane Rating as low as 87 (Research Octane Number 91). Fuel tank capacity: 96 L (25.4 gal., 21.1 Engine oil: API SJ, ”Energy–Conserving” multigrade engine oil or ILSAC multigrade engine oil. Recommended oil viscosity – SAE 5W–30 if normal temperatures are below 38 C (100 F) Oil capacity: L (qt., lmp.qt.) Drain and refill with filter 6.8 (7.2, 6.0) without filter 6.4 (6.8, 5.6) See page 496 for detailed information. Engine coolant: Capacity: L (qt., lmp.qt.) 15.3 (16.2, 13.5) Coolant type – ”Toyota Long Life Coolant” or equivalent With ethylene–glycol type coolant for a proper corrosion protection of aluminum components Do not use alcohol type antifreeze or plain water alone. For checking the engine coolant, see page 500.

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