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AB1a AB2a, Page 253 of 256 pages for Lexus LS400 1996 Owner Manual. The Owner Manual is applied into the following products: LS430 1996, LS460 1996, LS600H 1996

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1. Owner’s Manual for Airbag Manual ON–OFF Switches CAUTION You must review this Owner’s Manual in order to determine whether you are permitted to operate this vehicle with the airbag turned off. If the special circumstances do not exist, then the airbag(s) should be turned ON to avoid serious personal injuries to front seat passengers. AB1a 1 , 2 or 3 OFF indicator light 4 or 6 Manual ON–OFF switch for driver airbag 5 or 7 Manual ON–OFF switch for passenger airbag This vehicle has been modified to include airbag manual ON–OFF switch(es). The switch(es) turn(s) the airbag OFF when needed, and is located in the glove compartment or in the console area. ”OFF” indicator(s) indicate the airbag status. They are located on the right or left side of the instrument meter cluster or in front of the center clock on the dashboard. Switches are available for passenger and driver airbags. On vehicles equipped with side airbags, a switch to turn OFF the front passenger airbag will also simultaneously turn OFF the side airbag on that side only. The side airbag for the driver can not be turned off with any switch. AB2a 1 AIRBAG warning light 2 OFF indicator light The illustration shown above is an example of the indicators for driver, passenger and side airbags. To check the airbag manual ON–OFF system status, turn the ignition switch to the ”ACCESSORY” position or the ”ON” position. The ”AIRBAG” warning light and the ”OFF” indicator light should go on for approximately 5 seconds. If the airbag manual ON–OFF switch(es) are turned off, the ”OFF” indicator will continue to illuminate, and if the airbag manual ON–OFF switch(es) are turned on, the ”OFF” indicator will not illuminate.

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