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COMFORT ADJUSTMENT 87 DRIVING POSITION MEMORY SYSTEM The micro computer can memorize the position of the driver’s seat, the height of the shoulder belt anchor of the driver’s seat belt, and the positions of the tilt and telescopic steering, and outside rear view mirrors. Two different driving position profiles can be entered into the computer’s memory. Recording a driving position in the computer’s memory can only be done when the ignition key is in the “ON” position and the shift lever is in the “P” position. Setting a driving position 1. Adjust the driver’s seat, driver’s shoulder belt anchor, tilt and telescopic steering and outside rear view mirrors to the desired position. 2. While pushing the “SET” button, push button “1” or “2” until the signal beeps. The beep sound means that the positions are recorded in the computer’s memory. By repeating these two steps and pressing the remaining button, the driving position for another driver can be recorded. To set a new memorized position, select the desired position and perform step 2. The previous memory will be erased and the new position will be set. To make only slight changes to an already memorized position, the easiest way is to first activate the memorized position, then make the desired changes and perform step 2 above.

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