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HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL vii HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL The contents of this manual are explained briefly on this page to help you make the best use of the manual. Please read this page and the rest of the Owner ’s Manual carefully to make sure you fully understand the operation of your vehicle. This will help you enjoy safe and comfortable driving. TABLE OF CONTENTS The table of contents and the pictorial index provide easy reference to the appropriate pages. BASIC OPERATION — QUICK REFERENCE Operation of basic equipment is briefly explained in an easily understandable way for quick reference. SECTION 1 — INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS The vehicle’s equipment is divided into the 7 groups listed below. Use of the equipment is explained, including any points you should pay particular attention to. 1. Keys and doors 2. Switches 3. Gauges, meters and service reminder indicators 4. Interior equipment 5. Exterior equipment 6. Occupant restraint systems 7. Steering wheel and mirrors SECTION 2 — AIR CONDITIONING AND AUDIO The features of the vehicle’s air conditioning and audio are explained in detail. Be sure to read this Section so that you can make full use of them. SECTION 3 — STARTING AND DRIVING Starting the engine, driving, stopping, operation of features affecting vehicle handling, hints on vehicle safety and safe driving techniques are all explained. Please read everything in this Section, and remember — drive safely!

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