• Do not use or store the product in a hot or humid environment such as the glove compartment or
trunk of a car. It may damage the product and batteries which may result in burns or injuries caused
by heat, fire, explosion, or leaking battery fluid.
• If batteries are leaking, discontinue use of the product.
• The lens retracts when the camera is turned off. Touching the lens barrel while it is retracting may
cause injury.
• The camera temperature rises with extended periods of use. Care should be taken to avoid burns.
• Burns may result if the memory card or batteries are removed immediately after extended periods
of use. Turn the camera off and wait for it to cool.
• Do not fire the flash while it is in contact with people or objects. The flash unit discharges a large
amount of energy which may cause burns.
• Do not apply pressure to the LCD monitor. A damaged monitor may cause injury, and the liquid
from the monitor may cause inflammation. If liquid from the monitor makes contact with skin, wash
the area with fresh water. If liquid from the monitor comes in contact with the eyes, immediately
rinse the eyes with plenty of water and contact a doctor.
• When using the AC adapter, insert the plug securely into the electrical outlet.
• Do not use if the AC adapter cord is damaged.
• Do not cover the AC adapter. A fire may result.
• Do not obstruct access to the AC adapter; this can hinder the unplugging of the unit in emergen-
• Unplug the AC adapter when cleaning or when the product is not in use.