Keep batteries or small parts that could be swallowed away from infants Contact a doctor immedi

• Keep batteries or small parts that could be swallowed away from infants. Contact a doctor immedi-
ately if an object is swallowed.
• Store this product out of reach of children. Be careful when around children not to harm them with
the product or parts.
• Do not fire the flash directly into the eyes. It may damage eyesight.
• Do not fire the flash at vehicle operators. It may cause a distraction or temporary blindness which
may lead to an accident.
• Do not use the monitor while operating a vehicle or walking. It may result in injury or an accident.
• Do not use this product in a humid environment, or operate this product with wet hands. If liquid
enters the product, immediately remove the batteries or unplug the AC adapter and discontinue
use. The continued use of a product exposed to liquids may cause damage or injury through fire or
electric shock.
• Do not use the product near inflammable gases or liquids such as gasoline, benzine, or paint thin-
ner. Do not use inflammable products such as alcohol, benzine, or paint thinner to clean the prod-
uct. The use of inflammable cleaners and solvents may cause an explosion or fire.
• When unplugging the AC adapter, do not pull on the power cord. Hold the adapter unit when
removing it from an outlet.
• Do not damage, twist, modify, heat, or place heavy objects on the AC adapter cord. A damaged
cord may cause damage or injury through fire or electric shock.
• If the product emits a strange odor, heat, or smoke, discontinue use. Immediately remove the bat-
teries taking care not to burn yourself as the batteries become hot with use. The continued use of a
damaged product or part may cause injuries or fire.
• Take the product to a Minolta Service Facility when repairs are required.