For proper and safe use

Read and understand all warnings and cautions before using this product.
Using batteries improperly can cause them to leak harmful solutions, overheat, or explode which may
damage property or cause personal injury. Do not ignore the following warnings.
• Only use the batteries specified in this instruction manual.
• Do not install the batteries with the polarity (+/–) reversed.
• Do not use batteries which show wear or damage.
• Do not expose batteries to fire, high temperatures, water, or moisture.
• Do not attempt to recharge, short, or disassemble batteries.
• Do not store batteries near or in metallic products.
• Do not mix batteries of different types, brands, ages, or charge levels.
• When recharging rechargeable batteries, only use the recommended charger.
• Do not use leaking batteries. If fluid from the batteries enters your eye, immediately rinse the eye
with plenty of fresh water and contact a doctor. If fluid from the batteries makes contact with your
skin or clothing, wash the area thoroughly with water.
• Tape over battery contacts to avoid short-circuiting during disposal; always follow local regulations
for battery disposal.
• Use only the specified AC adapter within the voltage range indicated on the adapter unit. An inap-
propriate adapter or current may cause damage or injury through fire or electric shock.
• Do not disassemble this product. Electric shock may cause injury if a high voltage circuit inside the
product is touched.
• Immediately remove the batteries or unplug the AC adapter and discontinue use if the camera is
dropped or subjected to an impact in which the interior, especially the flash unit, is exposed. The
flash has a high voltage circuit which may cause an electric shock resulting in injury. The continued
use of a damaged product or part may cause injuries or fire.
For proper and safe use