Before you begin

Thank you for purchasing this digital camera. Please take the time to read through this instruction
manual so you can enjoy all the features of your new camera. Check the packing list before using this
product. If any items are missing, immediately contact your camera dealer.
DiMAGE Z1 digital camera
Neck strap NS-DG5000
Lens cap LF-242
Shoe cap SC-1000
SD Memory Card
AV cable AVC-200
USB cable USB-500
4 AA alkaline batteries
ArcSoft VideoImpression CD-ROM
DiMAGE Instruction Manuals CD-ROM
Quick Reference Guide 
Minolta International Warranty Certificate
This product is designed to work with accessories manufactured and distributed by Minolta. Using
accessories or equipment not endorsed by Minolta may result in unsatisfactory performance or dam-
age to the product and its accessories.
Before you begin
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