Every time a still image is recorded, it is stored with an Exif tag that contains the date and time
of recording as well as shooting information. This information can be viewed with the camera
in the  playback mode, or on a computer with the DiMAGE Viewer software.
Camera Notes
The date and time are imprinted in the lower
right corner of the image when viewed horizon-
tally. It is printed directly on the photograph
writing over the image information. The date
can be imprinted in three formats: year / month
/ day, month / day / year, and day / month /
year. The date and date format are set in sec-
tion 3 of the setup menu (p. 86).
The date and time of recording can be printed directly on the image.
The imprinting function must be activated before the image is taken.
Once activated, the date will continue to be imprinted until the func-
tion is reset; a yellow bar is displayed behind the frame counter on
the monitor to indicate the imprinting function is active. 
Date imprinting is activated with section 1 of the advanced recording
menu (p. 52). Date imprinting has two menu options. The YYYY/MM/DD option prints the date. The
MM/DD/hr:min option prints the month, day, and time of recording.
Date-imprinting indicator