Care and storage

Care and storage
• This camera has been designed for use in temperatures from 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F).
• Never leave the camera exposed to extreme high temperatures, such as in a car parked in the
sun, or to extreme humidity.
• When taking the camera from a cold to a warm environment, place it in a sealed plastic bag to
prevent condensation from forming. Allow the camera to come to room temperature before
removing it from the bag.
Memory Cards are manufactured with precision electronic components. Konica Minolta has no
responsibility for any loss or damage to data. It is recommended that a copy of the card data be
made. The following may cause data loss or damage:
• Improper use of the card.
• Bending, dropping, or subjecting the card to impact.
• Heat, moisture, and direct sunlight.
• Static electrical discharge or electromagnetic fields near the card.
• Removing the card or interrupting the power supply while the camera or a computer is accessing
the card (reading, writing, formatting, etc.).
• Touching the electrical contacts of the card with your fingers or metal objects.
• Using the card beyond its life. Purchasing a new card periodically may be necessary.
• When using a Microdrive, do not subject the camera to vibrations.
• Battery performance decreases with temperature. In cold environments, we recommend keeping
spare batteries in a warm place, such as the inside of a coat. Batteries can recover their power
when they warm up.
• Do not store the battery when it is fully charged.
• When storing the battery for extended periods, recharge it for five minutes every six months. The
battery may not be able to be charged if completely exhausted.
• A special built-in battery supplies power to the clock and memory when the camera is exhausted
or removed. If the camera resets each time the battery is removed, the battery is exhausted. It
must be replaced at a Konica Minolta service facility.
• After initially inserting the battery, do not remove it for twelve hours; the camera can be off during
this period. The main battery is used to charge an internal battery, which protects settings when
the main battery is removed.
• Keep battery and camera charger contacts clean. Dirty contacts can prevent charging. If the
contacts become dirty, wipe them with a cotton swab.
• The LCD monitor is manufactured using high-precision technology and more than 99.99% of the
pixels operate properly. Less than 0.01% of the monitor pixels are displayed as color or bright
points; this is not monitor defect and does not affect the recorded image.
• Do not apply pressure to the surface of the LCD monitor; it may be permanently damaged.
• In a cold environment, the LCD monitor may become temporarily dark. When the camera warms
up, the display will function normally.
• If fingerprints are on the LCD monitor surface, gently wipe with a soft, clean, dry cloth.
• TV program, films, video tapes, photographs, and other materials may be copyrighted.
Unauthorized recording or duplication of such material may be contrary to copyright laws. Taking
pictures or images of performances, exhibitions, etc. is prohibited without approval and can
infringe on copyright. Images protected by copyright can only be used under the provisions within
the copyright laws.
• Check the camera’s operation; take test pictures and purchase spare batteries.
• Konica Minolta has no responsibility for any damage or loss incurred by equipment malfunction.
• If you have questions about your camera or charger, contact your local camera dealer or write to
the Konica Minolta distributor in your area.
• Before shipping your camera or charger for repair, please contact a Konica Minolta service facility.