If the camera does not function normally, turn it off, remove and reinsert the battery, or unplug and
reconnect the AC adapter. Always turn the camera off using the main switch otherwise the memory
card may be damaged and camera settings reset.
Shutter speed
and/or aperture
display blink.
Subject or scene is outside the
metering range of the camera.
Read this section in its entirety to get the best results from your camera. With proper care, your
camera will provide years of service.
• Do not subject the camera to shock or impact.
• Turn off the camera when transporting.
• This camera is neither waterproof nor splashproof. Inserting or removing batteries or the memory
card, or operating the camera with wet hands may damage the camera.
• When at the beach or near water, take care not to expose the camera to water or sand. Water,
sand, dust, or salt can damage the camera.
• Do not leave the camera under direct sunlight. Do not point the lens directly at the sun; the CCD
may be damaged.
• Keep the camera away from electromagnetic fields from devices such as magnets or motors.
• If the camera or the outside of the lens is dirty, gently wipe it with a soft, clean, dry cloth. If the
camera or lens comes in contact with sand, gently blow away loose particles. Wiping may scratch
the surface.
• To clean the lens surface, first blow away any dust or sand, then gently wipe the lens with a cloth
or tissue designed for optics. Use lens-cleaning fluid if necessary.
• Never use organic solvents to clean the camera.
• Never touch the lens surface with your fingers.
• Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from dust and chemicals. For long periods of
disuse, store the camera in an airtight container with a silica-gel drying agent.
• Remove the batteries and memory card from the camera when not in use for extended periods.
• Do not store the camera in an area with naphthalene or mothballs.
• During long periods of storage, operate the camera occasionally. When taking the camera out of
storage, check that the camera is functioning properly before using.
Subject or scene is outside the
exposure control range of the
Adjust the exposure until the display
stops blinking or change camera sensi-
tivity (p. 54).
Folder number not
Inaccurate expo-
sures with very
bright or dark
Arrows blink at
each end of the Ev
In dark conditions, use the camera
flash. Under bright light, use a neutral
density filter on the lens to control the
light levels.
The viewfinder
Anti-Shake scale
is blinking.
Anti-Shake does
not work.
CCD setup error.
Turn the camera off and on. If the Anti-
Shake scale continues to blink, contact
a Konica Minolta service facility.
Unable to delete folders with the file
browser (p. 87).
Memory card was opened on a
Windows operating system.
Delete the folder using the computer.
Select the folder with the menu (p. 82).
Folder is not selected with the
view-folder option in section 1
of the playback menu.
Unable to see
recorded images
in playback.