For proper and safe use
• Do not look at the sun or strong light sources through the viewfinder or lens. It may damage your
eyesight or cause blindness.
• Do not use these products in a humid environment, or operate them with wet hands. If liquid
enters these products, immediately remove the battery or unplug the product, and discontinue
use. The continued use of a product exposed to liquids may cause damage or injury through fire
or electric shock.
• Do not use these products near inflammable gases or liquids such as gasoline, benzine, or paint
thinner. Do not use inflammable products such as alcohol, benzine, or paint thinner to clean these
products. The use of inflammable cleaners and solvents may cause an explosion or fire.
• When unplugging the AC adapter or charger, do not pull on the power cord. Hold the plug when
removing it from an outlet.
• Do not damage, twist, modify, heat, or place heavy objects on the AC adapter or charger cord. A
damaged cord may cause damage or injury through fire or electric shock.
• If these products emits a strange odor, heat, or smoke, discontinue use. Immediately remove the
battery taking care not to burn yourself as the battery may become hot with use. The continued
use of a damaged product or part may cause injuries or fire.
• Take the product to a Konica Minolta service facility when repairs are required.
• Handling the cord on this product may expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of
California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after
• Do not point a photographic lens directly at the sun. If sunlight is focused on an inflammable
surface, a fire may result. Replace the lens cap when the lens is not in use.
• Do not use or store these products in a hot or humid environment such as the glove compartment
or trunk of a car. It may damage the camera, charger, and battery which may result in burns or
injuries caused by heat, fire, explosion, or leaking battery fluid.
• If the battery is leaking, discontinue use of the product.
• The camera, charger, and battery temperature rises with extended periods of use. Care should be
taken to avoid burns.
• Burns may result if the memory card or battery is removed immediately after extended periods of
use. Turn the camera off and wait for it to cool. 
• Do not fire the flash while it is in contact with people or objects. The flash unit discharges a large
amount of energy which may cause burns.
• Do not apply pressure to the LCD monitor. A damaged monitor may cause injury, and the liquid
from the monitor may cause inflammation. If liquid from the monitor makes contact with skin,
wash the area with fresh water. If liquid from the monitor comes in contact with the eyes,
immediately rinse the eyes with plenty of water and contact a doctor.
• When using the AC adapter and charger, insert the plug securely into the electrical outlet.
• Do not use electronic transformers or travel adapters with the charger. The use of these devices
may cause a fire or damage the product. 
• Do not use if the AC adapter or charger cord is damaged.
• Do not cover the AC adapter or charger. A fire may result.
• Do not obstruct access to the AC adapter or charger; this can hinder the unplugging of the units
in emergencies.
• Unplug the AC adapter or charger when cleaning or not in use.