Handling and storing the color cartridge, Installing and removing the color cartridge

Getting started
Handling and storing the color cartridge
For best quality prints, store the color cartridge in a location where the 
temperature does not exceed 85 
F (30 
To avoid getting fingerprints on the ribbon, handle the color cartridge by the spool 
Keep the color cartridge away from direct sunlight and out of high-temperature 
environments (such as a vehicle parked in the sun).
Installing and removing the color cartridge
1 Open the cartridge door on the side of the photo printer.
2 Check to make sure there is no slack in the color 
cartridge ribbon.
To remove slack, push in on the cartridge spool, 
then rotate the spool clockwise.
IMPORTANT: Be careful not to rotate the spool more 
than necessary. Doing so could reduce the 
number of prints you are able to make.
3 Slide the color cartridge in, label side up, with the 
arrow pointing toward the photo printer. Push the 
cartridge until it "clicks" into place.
4 Close the cartridge door.
IMPORTANT:  The color cartridge may lock in place if there is a paper error. Do not 
attempt to remove the cartridge without first clearing the paper error. Make 
sure the Paper light is off before attempting to remove the cartridge (see 
Paper light under 
Photo printer status lights, page 26