Getting started
Getting started
Finding a location for your photo printer
Place the photo printer on a flat, clean, dust-free surface, in a dry location, and 
out of direct sunlight.
Allow at least 5 in. (12.7 cm) clearance from the 
back of the photo printer for paper travel.
For proper ventilation, make sure the top and back 
of the photo printer are not blocked. 
When connecting power or USB cables, keep the 
cables clear of the paper path to the front and rear 
of the photo printer.
Avoid areas where ventilation ducts, open doors, or frequent passersby might 
expose the photo printer and paper to high levels of dust and debris. Airborne dirt 
particles can affect picture quality.
Allow enough space on all sides of the photo printer to let you connect and 
disconnect cables, change the color cartridge, and add paper.
5 in. 
(12.7 cm)