Care and maintenance
Care and maintenance
General care
IMPORTANT:  Disconnect the power before cleaning. Do not use harsh or abrasive 
cleaners or organic solvents on the photo printer or any of its parts.
To clean, wipe the outside of the photo printer with a clean, dry cloth.
Support the photo printer and tray by placing it on a 
flat, level surface. Do not block the cooling vents.
Avoid blocking the back of the photo printer and 
paper tray exit.
Keep power and USB cables away from the paper 
Keep the surrounding area vacuumed and 
Protect the photo printer from tobacco smoke, dust, 
sand, and liquid spills.
Avoid placing objects on the photo printer.
Keep the photo printer, accessories, and supplies away from direct sunlight and 
out of high-temperature environments (such as a vehicle parked in the sun).
When storing paper, do not remove paper that is in the paper tray. Instead, 
remove the paper tray itself, then close the paper tray cover and paper tray door to 
keep out dust and debris.
Store paper flat.