Printing from a PictBridge compatible camera

Printing from a PictBridge 
compatible camera
The Kodak EasyShare photo printer 300 offers PictBridge compatibility, which lets you 
print from your Kodak EasyShare digital camera or any PictBridge compatible camera 
or device.
1 Take pictures with your camera (see your camera user’s guide).
2 Connect your PictBridge compatible camera to the 
photo printer using the USB cable for your camera. 
Plug one end of the cable into the camera and the 
other into the USB device connector located on the 
side of the photo printer.
NOTE:  If the PictBridge compatible camera is already plugged in but 
the connection is no longer available, disconnect then 
reconnect the USB cable to re-establish the connection.
3 Use your digital camera to review pictures, choose 
printing options, and print. See your camera user’s 
guide for details.
The On/Off button blinks while printing. The paper 
cycles four times during the printing process before the 
finished print is ejected. The first three passes apply 
layers of yellow, magenta, and cyan colors to the print, 
and the fourth pass applies the Kodak XtraLife
coating that protects and preserves the image.
IMPORTANT:  Wait until printing is complete before removing paper, the paper tray, or the 
camera. Failure to do so can cause paper misfeeds or jams.