Loading the paper

Getting started
Loading the paper
1 Remove the paper tray from the photo printer if installed (see 
page 6
2 Slide the paper tray cover back until it "clicks" into 
place, about 1.25 in. (3 cm), then lift up on the end 
of the paper tray cover.
3 Carefully "fan" the paper to keep the sheets from 
sticking together.
IMPORTANT: Do not load more than 25 sheets of paper. 
Use the upper limit line inside the paper 
tray as a guide to prevent overloading. 
Do not load paper that is missing 
perforated tabs. To avoid fingerprints, do 
not touch the glossy side of the paper.
4 Load the paper into the paper tray, with the Kodak 
logo side facing down.
5 Close the paper tray cover.
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