Handling and storing the paper

Getting started
To remove the color cartridge, open the cartridge 
door, then push up on the green lever and slide the 
cartridge out.
When 5 or fewer prints remain, the Color cartridge 
light blinks slowly for several seconds.
When the color cartridge is depleted, the Color 
cartridge light glows steady red.
After installing a new color cartridge, press the 
On/Off button to clear the cartridge error and 
resume printing.
Handling and storing the paper
To avoid fingerprints, handle the paper by the edges 
or by the perforated tabs. Do not touch the glossy 
side of the paper.
When storing paper, do not remove paper that is in 
the paper tray. Instead, remove the paper tray itself, 
then close the paper tray cover and paper tray door 
to keep out dust and debris.
Store paper flat.
Keep the paper away from direct sunlight and out of high-temperature 
environments (such as a vehicle parked in the sun).