Paper Loading Options, Selecting the Paper Load Option

Operating Procedures
September 2000
Paper Loading Options
NOTE: For options in which the first exposure is not individually punched, the first 
exposure will use 33 inches of paper. To minimize paper waste, the size of 
the images for the first exposure should total 33 inches whenever possible.
Selecting the Paper Load Option
Select “Setup” from the main menu on the OCP.
2. Select 
3. Select 
“Paper Load”.
4. Use 
Up and Down Arrows to select the desired paper load option.
5. Press 
Select to select/set the new value.
6. Select 
“Exit” to return to the previous menu on the OCP.
2-Step Paper Loading
The 2-step paper loading process is used when you choose the “2-Step Dark” or 
“2-Step Light” option for paper loading. This process minimizes paper waste by 
printing on the paper before the paper is threaded to the takeup area and you 
cinch it onto the takeup cassette. 
The 2-step loading process is different than the 1-step loading process that is 
used for loading paper under “1-Step Normal” or “1-Step Save” conditions. When 
you choose “1-Step Light” or “1-Step Save”, the paper is threaded through the 
shoe and cinched onto the takeup cassette before images are printed. 
Load Option
Lead Edge Paper 
Paper Punches
1-Step Normal
(factory default)
108 inches
at all images
1-Step Save
62 inches
at all images after the 
first exposure
2-Step Dark
(new load)
35 inches
at all images
2-Step Dark
18 inches
at all images after the 
first exposure
2-Step Light
(new load)
47 inches
at all images
2-Step Light
47 inches
at all images after the 
first exposure