About Other Publications, Software Included With the Printer

About This Guide
September 2000
About Other Publications 
The following publication is included with the printer:
Quick Reference Guide for the KODAK PROFESSIONAL LED II Printer 20R 
and the KODAK PROFESSIONAL LED II Processor 20R–provides quick and 
easily accessible information for operating and maintaining the printer as well as 
answers to common printer problems and hints for operating the processor. Keep 
the Quick Reference Guide close to your printer.
Software Included With the Printer
The compact disc (CD) included with the KODAK PROFESSIONAL LED II Printer 
20R contains the KODAK Calibration Software and the Printer Calibration 
Software for WINDOWS NT and MACINTOSH Host Computers. It also includes 
additional applications the printer can interface with.
This software is usually installed by a Kodak representative. However, installation 
instructions are included in this Operator’s Guide.
A PDF file of this Operator’s Guide is also included on the CD.
You can find the latest software and documentation for the KODAK 
PROFESSIONAL LED II Printers on the Kodak Web site: