About This Guide

September 2000
About This Guide
This is a User’s Guide for the KODAK PROFESSIONAL LED II Printer 20R. It 
provides step-by-step instructions for the operations you perform while using the 
Printer. It also includes procedures and information for operating, maintaining, 
troubleshooting, and calibrating the printer.
Also included in this guide are instructions for installing and using the various 
software packages needed.
This guide is intended for personnel who operate this system. It assumes that you 
can perform basic computer operations.WINDOWS NT and MACINTOSH 
Platforms are supported in this guide.
Using This Guide
This guide is organized as follows:
Chapter 1
Introduction—describes and illustrates the KODAK 
PROFESSIONAL LED II Printer 20R. This chapter includes 
general and introductory information for all of the equipment.
Chapter 2
Using the System—explains how to use the printer. It 
includes the step-by-step instructions for daily operation, 
from startup to shutdown. 
Chapter 3
System Operating Procedures—provides an overview of 
the OCP and all of the procedures for operating the Printer. 
Chapter 4
Maintaining the Equipment—includes the information that 
you need to properly maintain the printer. All maintenance 
procedures are categorized by frequency.
Chapter 5
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting—provides an error 
code listing, solutions to common operational problems for 
the printer and calibration. It also provides information for 
obtaining additional help.
Appendix A
Ordering Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies—
provides ordering information for many associated items. It 
includes information such as size, quantities, and catalog 
Appendix B
Specifications—provides specifications, site 
requirements, and environmental information for the system.
Appendix C   
Calibrating the Printer—describes the calibration 
functions for the KODAK Calibration Software as well as 
Printer Calibration Software.
Appendices D-F  Software—explains how to install and use the software that 
is included with the printer.