Telephone line, Densitometer, SCSI Cable, Operating Environment

September 2000
Telephone line
A telephone line (with a RJ11C modular phone jack) must be installed within 
3 m (10 ft.) of the printer to support the remote diagnostics. We recommend a 
high-grade analog service line.
An X-RITE DTP—36 Densitometer is required to calibrate the printer and for 
process control. It is available through Kodak. See “Accessories” on page A-1.
SCSI Cable
A single-ended or differential-ended SCSI cable is required to connect the host 
computer to the printer. Install a single-ended SCSI cable if the distance between 
the host computer and the printer is less than 6 meters. Use a differential-ended 
SCSI cable if the distance between the host computer and the printer is greater 
than 6 meters but less than 30 meters.
IMPORTANT: The printer is configured in single-ended mode at the factory. 
Before installing a differential-ended SCSI cable, you must contact 
your Kodak service representative to have your printer 
reconfigured to the differential-ended mode.
Operating Environment
NOTE: The operating environment should be free of smoke and excessive dust.
Air conditioning requirements:
The Printer generates 7,509 BTU/hr.