Kodak EasyShare M320 Extended User Guide

Making a video action print

Working with pictures/videos
Making a video action print
From a video, you can make a 4-, 9-, or 16-up picture, suitable for a 4 x 6-inch 
(10 x 15 cm) print. 
1 Press the Review 
 button, then 
to find a 
2 Press the Menu button, then
 to highlight the 
Edit tab. Highlight Action Print, then press OK. 
3 Highlight an option, then press OK.
Auto—The camera includes the first and last 
frames, then 2, 7, or 14 equally spaced frames.
Manual—Choose the first and last frames; the 
camera chooses 2, 7, or 14 frames.
A 4-, 9-, or 16-up picture is created. 
Press the Shutter button halfway down to return to Capture mode.
IMPORTANT:  Your camera offers a built-in Help system. 
See page 44
4-, 9-, or 
16-up picture