Kodak HR 500 Owner Manual

Scanning the Image, Checking the Scan

Validating the Scanner
August 2001
Scanning the Image
1. Click the Capture tab.
2. Click Scan.
Checking the Scan
1. Open Adobe Photoshop.
2. Select File>Open.
The Windows Open dialog appears.
3. Browse to find the file that contains the scanned image and click Open.
A dialog appears.
4. Enter the required values:
a. Enter the Dimensions:
Width = Actual #Pixels when Pixel Summing is 1:1.
Height = Actual #Lines when Pixel Summing is 1:1.
b. Enter the Channel information:
Set the Count to 3.
Make sure Interleaved is selected.
Set Depth to 16 Bits.
Set Byte Order to IBM PC.
5. Click OK.
After a few seconds, the raw image appears.
6. Select Image>Adjust>Auto Levels.
After a few seconds, a clearer image should appear.
7. Select Image>Rotate Canvas>Flip Vertical.
NOTE: You may also need to select Image>Rotate Canvas>90° CCW.
8. Check that the image appears as you expected.
9. If the image does not appear as you expected, repeat this procedure, making 
sure you follow the instructions exactly. Then if you still do not get the 
expected results, contact your Kodak representative.