Kodak HR 500 Owner Manual

Preparing an Uncarded Negative, Preparing a Mounted Slide

Connecting and Operating the Scanner
August 2001
Preparing an Uncarded Negative
Wear clean, cotton gloves when handling the negative. Illuminate the negative 
with a light box or hold the negative up to the light to view and align the negative.
1. Identify the emulsion side of the negative.
The emulsion side is the dull side of the negative. The printing appears 
2. Select either landscape or portrait orientation.
3. Lift the magnetic sheet.
4. With the emulsion side toward the rear of the scanner, carefully align the 
negative over the rectangular opening in the film holder. 
5. Close the magnetic sheet over the negative.
Continue with Placing the Film Holder in the Scanner on page 2-12.
Preparing a Mounted Slide
1. With the emulsion side toward the rear of the scanner, align the mounted slide 
on the film holder between the pins.
2. Carefully insert the mounted slide under the film holder’s clamps and into 
place, keeping the slide aligned.