Important Battery Information

Chapter 1
Important Battery Information
Battery Replacement Types/Battery Life
Your camera box contains a Kodak EasyShare Li-Ion rechargeable battery, 
1700 mAh (KLIC 5001). Actual battery life may vary based on usage.
Optional battery: You can also use a Kodak EasyShare Li-Ion rechargeable 
battery, 1050 mAh. HOWEVER, the 1050 mAh battery is a lower power battery. 
Expect approximately 30% fewer pictures per full charge than with the 1700 
mAh battery included with your camera.
We recommend using only a Kodak EasyShare Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Not 
all manufacturer’s 3.7V Li-Ion rechargeable batteries are compatible with the 
camera. Damage caused by unauthorized accessories is not covered under 
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Li-Ion rechargeable
Battery Life 
(included with camera)
battery, 1700 mAh
(Approx. number of pictures per full charge)
125 - 210