Charging the Battery Pack

Chapter 9
Charging the Battery Pack
The Battery Pack is not charged when you receive it.
1 Turn off the camera.
2 Make sure the Battery Pack is installed in the camera (see 
page 64
3 Place the camera in the Camera Dock (see 
page 65
m Charging begins immediately. 
m The three green charging lights monitor the charging status:
m Full charging takes about 2.5 hours. After the Battery Pack is fully 
charged, leave the camera in the Camera Dock to maintain the full 
m Charging stops if you turn on the camera. If the camera is left in the 
Camera Dock with the power on, charging resumes when the camera 
enters Auto Power-off (see 
page 96
NOTE: The Camera Dock only charges the provided KODAK EASYSHARE Ni-MH 
Rechargeable Battery Pack. If you place the camera in the Camera Dock 
with any other type of batteries, rechargeable or not, no charging takes 
place. For further Troubleshooting information, see 
page 81
Charging Lights on Dock II
battery partially charged
battery low
battery fully charged