Installing the Camera Insert

Chapter 9
Installing the Camera Insert
KODAK EASYSHARE digital cameras are packaged with a custom camera insert, 
which is used to fit the camera to the Camera Dock.
1 Place the front tabs on the custom insert 
into the slots in the Camera Dock cavity. 
2 Fit the insert down into the cavity and snap 
the insert into place.
If You Do Not Have the Custom Insert
If you do not have the custom insert that was included with your camera, use 
the universal insert that is included with the Camera Dock II. 
NOTE: The universal insert works with all KODAK EASYSHARE cameras. 
However, it may not match the perfect fit that the custom camera insert 
provides. Take extra care when placing the camera in the Camera Dock 
so that the dock connector and pins are not damaged.
Order a custom camera insert at