Review Menus, Magnifying Pictures

Chapter 4
Review Menus
Magnifying Pictures
Use the Magnify feature to zoom in to different areas of a picture.
1 Press the Review button, then locate a picture. 
2 To magnify at 2X, press the OK button. (Or 
press the Menu button, highlight Magnify, 
then press the OK button.) To magnify at 4X, 
press the OK button again. 
The picture is magnified. The Magnify 
and the magnification value 
are displayed.
3 Press 
 to navigate to different parts of the picture.
4 Press the OK button to redisplay the picture at the 1X (original) size.
5 Press 
 to locate a different picture, or press the Review button to exit 
Review mode.
Magnify (
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Copy (
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Protect (
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Video Date Display 
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Image Storage(
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Picture Info(
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Slide Show (
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