Setting Exposure Compensation

Chapter 2
Setting Exposure Compensation
Use Exposure Compensation to control how much light enters the camera. This 
setting is useful for taking pictures in very large rooms, under low light, 
without a flash. 
Adjust the exposure by plus or minus 2 steps in 1/2-step increments. 
NOTE: Exposure Compensation cannot be used with Long Time Exposure.
1 In any Still mode, press the Menu button.
2 Highlight Exposure Compensation
, then press the OK button.
3 Press 
 to select the Exposure 
Compensation setting.
m If pictures are too light, decrease the 
m If pictures are too dark, increase the 
4 Press the OK button to accept the change.
5 Press the Menu button to exit the menu.
6 Use the LCD to frame your subject. Press the 
Shutter button half-way to set the focus, 
then continue pressing completely down 
to take the picture.
This setting remains until you move the 
Mode dial or turn off the camera.