What Can I Do With My Camera, What Can I Do With My Digital Pictures, and Videos

Chapter 1
What Can I Do With My Camera?
Capture Still Pictures 
 —Enjoy point-and-shoot operation with flash, 
self timer, and zoom features. Use Auto, Sport, Night, Landscape, and Close-up 
modes to expand your capabilities.
Capture Videos with Sound 
 —Capture videos as QUICKTIME movies. 
—Display, protect, and delete pictures and videos. “Tag” 
pictures to print, email, and save as Favorites.
Set Up 
 —Customize your camera functions.
What Can I Do With My Digital Pictures 
and Videos?
Install the software from the KODAK EASYSHARE Software CD, then: 
Transfer—Transfer pictures and videos to your computer.
Share—Print pictures, order prints online, email pictures and videos.
Organize—Use Favorites to organize, find, and retrieve your pictures on the 
Edit—Add special effects to your pictures, make a custom slide show, fix 
red-eye, crop, rotate, and much more.
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) Print pictures directly to your home printer. Order 
prints online from Ofoto, a Kodak Company. Or purchase an optional KODAK 
Multimedia Card (MMC) or a Secure Digital (SD) card and: 
m Automatically print to any printer with an MMC/SD slot
m Make prints at an MMC/SD-capable KODAK Picture Maker
m Take the card to your local photo retailer for professional printing
Refer to the Quick Start Guide or KODAK EASYSHARE Software Help for details. 
Some MACINTOSH operating systems may support limited KODAK EASYSHARE 
Software features.