Using Your Batteries

Chapter 12
camera. For more information, refer to the documentation that 
accompanied that camera.
Using Your Batteries
m Replacement Types—your camera can use the following battery types:
– 2, 1.5 volt AA lithium batteries
– 1, KODAK CRV3 Lithium Battery *
– 1, KODAK EASYSHARE Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack, 
rechargeable in the KODAK EASYSHARE Camera Docks *
– 2, 1.2 volt AA Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries, rechargeable *
* Purchase batteries at
For acceptable battery life, and to make sure your camera operates 
dependably, we do not recommend or support alkaline batteries.
m To lengthen battery life, limit the following activities:
– Using Liveview (using the LCD as the viewfinder, see 
page 18
– Reviewing your pictures on the LCD (see 
page 35
– Excessive use of the flash
m Dirt on the battery contacts can affect battery life. Wipe the contacts with a 
clean, dry cloth before loading batteries in the camera.
m Battery life depends significantly on battery age, usage conditions, type, and 
brand. Digital camera requirements are very demanding on batteries. Not 
all batteries perform well under these challenging conditions. For a 
comparison of different battery types, refer to the Battery Option sheet.
m Battery performance is reduced at temperatures below 41
F (5
Carry spare batteries when using your camera in cold weather, and keep 
them warm until you are ready to take pictures. Do not discard cold 
batteries that do not work. When they return to room temperature, they 
may be usable. 
m Do not allow batteries to touch metal objects, including coins. Otherwise, a 
battery may short circuit, discharge energy, become hot, or leak.