Putting Yourself in the Video

Chapter 3
Putting Yourself in the Video
The Self Timer creates a 10-second delay between the time you press the 
Shutter button and the time video recording begins.
1 Place the camera on a flat surface or use a 
2 Turn the Mode dial to Video 
, then press 
the Self Timer button.
3 Press 
 to highlight a Video Length 
option, then press the OK button: 
Unlimited—records until you stop 
recording or until storage is full.
Seconds—records for the specified time 
or until storage is full.
NOTE: If the current storage location does not 
have adequate space, some video length 
options are not displayed. (See 
page 95
for video storage capacities.)
4 Compose the scene, then press the Shutter 
button completely down. Move so that you 
are in the scene.
The Self Timer/Video light blinks slowly 
for 8 seconds (then quickly for 2 seconds) 
before the video begins recording. It then 
stays on while recording.
To cancel the Self Timer before the video 
is taken, press the Self Timer button. (The 
Self Timer setting remains active.)
To turn off the Self Timer, press the Self 
Timer button twice.
Self Timer
Self Timer/
Video light