Kodak EasyShare C160, EasyShare C180 Extended User Guide

Doing more with your camera

Doing more with your camera
IMPORTANT:  Your camera offers a built-in Help system. To get the most from your 
see page 40
Using the menu button to change settings
You can change settings to get the best results from your camera.
NOTE:  Some modes offer limited settings. Some settings remain until you change them; others, until you 
change modes or turn off the camera. 
1 Press the Menu 
2 Press 
to highlight a tab:
Capture/Video for the most common picture/video-taking settings
Setup for other camera settings
3 Press 
 to highlight a setting, then press OK.
4 Highlight an option, then press OK. (Some options let you use 
Using the capture tab
Press Menu,
, and OK to access 
Picture-taking Options
IMPORTANT:  Your camera offers a built-in Help system. 
See page 40
Exposure Compensation
Make a picture lighter or 
darker. (Available in Auto 
mode.) To use a shortcut, see 
page 9
0.0, +/-0.3, +/-0.7, +/-1.0, +/-1.3, +/-1.7, +/-2.0
Picture Size
Choose a picture resolution. 
Camera specifications, page 43