Kodak EasyShare C160, EasyShare C180 Extended User Guide

Running a slide show

Working with pictures/videos
Running a slide show
Use Slide Show to display your pictures/videos on the LCD.
1 Press the Review 
 button, then press the Menu 
2 Press 
 to highlight Slide Show, then press OK.
3 Press 
 to highlight Begin Show, then press OK. 
Each picture/video is displayed once. To interrupt the Slide Show, press OK.
IMPORTANT:  Your camera offers a built-in Help system. 
See page 40
Displaying pictures/videos on a television
You can display pictures/videos on a television, computer monitor, or any device 
equipped with a video input. To connect the camera directly to a television, use an 
A/V cable (may be sold separately). 
NOTE:  Ensure that the Video Out setting (NTSC or PAL) is correct (
see page 27
). The slide show stops if you 
connect or disconnect the cable while the slide show is running. (Image quality on a television 
screen may not be as good as on a computer monitor or when printed.) 
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