Kodak EasyShare C160, EasyShare C180 Extended User Guide

Taking a video, Using shortcuts

Taking pictures/videos
Taking a video
1 Turn the Mode dial to Video 
2 Press the Shutter button completely down, 
then release it. To stop recording, press and release 
the Shutter button again.
To review and work with videos, see 
page 12
NOTE:  Sound cannot be played on the camera. Sound is heard after 
the video is transferred to your computer.
Using shortcuts
Your camera has a clean, uncluttered interface. For quick access to the most popular 
1 Press the Info 
The shortcuts appear.
2 Press 
 to access functions like Exposure Compensation, Self-timer, and Auto 
focus. (You’ll see different functions in different modes.)
3 Press 
 to choose a setting.
To hide the shortcuts again, press 
view single picture.