If there is no picture or the TV does not operate normally, make sure the problem isn’t due
to the reasons indicated below.
If the problem persists even after taking the measures indicated, please contact a service
Poor picture
• Press the COLOUR SYSTEM button to select
another colour system. (see page 8.)
• Adjust the picture settings. (see page 15.)
• Set the Picture mode to STANDARD.
(see page 8.)
• If noise (snow) totally blocks out the picture,
check the following.
- Have the TV and aerial been connected
- Has the aerial cable been damaged?
- Is the aerial pointing in the right direction?
- Is the aerial itself faulty?
• If the TV or aerial suffer interference from
other equipment, stripes or noise may appear
in the picture. Move any equipment which
can cause interference away from the TV.
• If the TV or aerial suffer interference from
signals reflecting from mountains or
buildings, double-pictures (ghosting) will
occur. Change the aerial’s direction or replace
it with an aerial with better directionality.
• When a white and bright still image (such as
a white dress) is displayed on the screen, the
white part may look as if it is coloured. When
the image disappears from the screen, the
unnatural colours will also disappear.
The TV turns on suddenly
• Is the ON TIMER function set to operate?
(see page 11.)
The TV channel changes suddenly
• Is the ON TIMER function set to operate?
(see page 11.)
Cannot turn the TV on
• Press the Main power button on the TV.
• Connect the power cord to the AC outlet.
The screen turns blue
• Is the BLUE BACK function on? (see page 12.)
Remote control inoperable
• Replace the batteries. (see page 3.)
Buttons on front of the TV do not work
• Switch the CHILD LOCK function off.
(see page 12.)
TV does not respond immediately
• Press the main power button on the TV to
turn off the main power. Press the main
power button again to turn on the TV. If the
TV returns to a normal state, operation is
The TV turns off suddenly
• Is the OFF TIMER function set to operate?
(see page 9.)
• Is the AUTO SHUTOFF function on?
(see page 12.)
• Have you not performed an operation for
about two hours after the TV was switched on
by the ON TIMER function? (see page 11.) If
you don’t perform an operation within about
two hours, the TV is automatically switched
off for safety.
Poor sound
• Press the SOUND SYSTEM button to select
another sound system. (see page 8.)
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