Cleaning The Camcorder

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Before cleaning, turn off the camcorder and 
remove the battery pack and AC Adapter.
To clean the exterior
Wipe gently with a soft cloth. Put the cloth in 
diluted mild soap and wring it well to wipe off 
heavy dirt. Then wipe again with a dry cloth.
To clean the LCD monitor
Wipe gently with a soft cloth. Be careful not to 
damage the monitor. Close the LCD monitor.
To clean the lens
Blow it with a blower brush, then wipe gently 
with lens cleaning paper.
To clean the viewfinder lens
Remove dust from the viewfinder using a blower 
● Avoid using strong cleaning agents such as 
benzine or alcohol.
● Cleaning should be done only after the battery 
pack has been removed or other power units have 
been disconnected.
● Mold may form if the lens is left dirty.
● When using a cleaner or chemically treated cloth 
refer to the cautions of each product.
● To clean the viewfinder, please consult your 
nearest JVC dealer.
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