Zooming, Journalistic Shooting, Time Code

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Produces the zoom in/out effect, or an 
instantaneous change in image magnification.
Zoom In
Slide the Power Zoom Lever towards “T”.
Zoom Out
Slide the Power Zoom Lever towards “W”.
● The further you slide the Power Zoom Lever, the 
quicker the zoom action. 
● Focusing may become unstable during Zooming. 
In this case, set the zoom while in Record-
Standby, lock the focus by using the manual focus 
੬ pg. 37), then zoom in or out in Record mode.
● Zooming is possible to a maximum of 800X, or it 
can be switched to 32X magnification using the 
optical zoom. (
੬ pg. 33)
● Zoom magnification of over 32X is done through 
Digital image processing, and is therefore called 
Digital Zoom.
● During Digital zoom, the quality of image may 
● Digital zoom cannot be used when the VIDEO/
MEMORY Switch is set to “MEMORY”.
● Macro shooting (as close as approx. 5 cm (2") to 
the subject) is possible when the Power Zoom 
Lever is set all the way to “W”. Also see “TELE 
MACRO” in FUNCTION Menu on page 32.
● When shooting a subject close to the lens, zoom 
out first. If zoomed-in in the auto focus mode, the 
camcorder may automatically zoom out 
depending on the distance between the 
camcorder and the subject. This will not occur 
when “TELE MACRO” is set to “ON”. (
੬ pg. 32)
Journalistic Shooting
In some situations, 
different shooting 
angles may provide 
more dramatic results. 
Hold the camcorder in 
the desired position 
and tilt the LCD 
monitor in the most 
convenient direction. It 
can rotate 270° (90° 
downward, 180° 
Time Code
During recording, a time code is recorded on the 
tape. This code is to confirm the location of the 
recorded scene on the tape during playback. 
* Frames are not displayed during recording.
If recording starts from a blank portion, the time 
code begins counting from “00:00:00” 
(minute:second:frame). If recording starts from 
the end of a previously recorded scene, the time 
code continues from the last time code number. 
If during recording a blank portion is left partway 
through the tape, the time code is interrupted. 
When recording is resumed, the time code 
starts counting up again from “00:00:00”. This 
means the camcorder may record the same time 
codes as those existing in a previously recorded 
scene. To prevent this, perform Recording From 
The Middle Of A Tape (
੬ pg. 21) in the following 
● When shooting again after playing back a 
recorded tape.
● When power shuts off during shooting. 
● When a tape is removed and re-inserted during 
● When shooting using a partially recorded tape. 
● When shooting on a blank portion located partway 
through the tape.
● When shooting again after shooting a scene then 
opening/closing the cassette holder cover.
10 x
1 x
1 0 x
Digital zoom zone
Zoom in (T: Telephoto)
Zoom out (W: Wide angle)
32X (optical) zoom zone
Approximate zoom ratio
12 : 34 : 24
(30 frames = 1 second)
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