JVC GR-DF470, GR-DF570 Instruction Manual

Copying Files to the PC Macintosh

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The folders in the memory card 
Different file types are stored in 
different folders.
[DCIM]: Contains folders with still 
images (extension “.jpg”)
[DCVI]: Contains folders with video 
clips (extension “.asf”)
● The [DCVI] folder is displayed only 
when the camcorder is equipped 
with E-Mail Clip Recording function.
[MISC]: Contains folders with DPOF 
setting data
[NAVI]: Contains folders with 
navigation data
● The [NAVI] folder is displayed only 
when the camcorder is equipped 
with NAVIGATION function.
● Saving the wrong kinds of files in a 
memory card or deleting files or folders 
from a memory card can cause problems 
with the operation of the camcorder. 
When it is necessary to delete a file from 
a memory card, delete it through the 
● Never disconnect the USB cable while 
” is displayed on the 
camcorder’s LCD monitor.
● If you are using a brand new memory 
card, you need to initialize the memory 
card with the camcorder first. You may not 
be able to copy files from the memory 
card to the PC without doing so.
Still image and video clip files that are 
stored in a memory card can be copied to 
the PC and played back on the PC.
Double-click the 
memory card icon on 
the desktop.
The folders in the memory 
card appear.
Create a new folder, enter the 
folder name, and then double-
click it.
Select the folder to be copied, 
and then drag and drop that 
folder in the destination folder.
● To copy still images: Copy the folder 
within the [DCIM] folder.
● To copy video clips: Copy the folder 
within the [DCVI] folder.
” appears on the LCD 
monitor of the camcorder, and the 
folder is copied from the memory card 
to the PC.
Never disconnect the USB cable while 
” is displayed on the camcorder’s 
LCD monitor.
Still images
Video Clips
Navigation data
DPOF Setting data
Copying Files to the PC 
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