JVC GR-DF470, GR-DF570 Instruction Manual

Software Installation Windows

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Follow the procedure described below to 
install the software. From the [SETUP] 
screen in step 
2, you can install the 
following drivers or software. Quit any other 
software you are using. (Check that there 
are no other application icons on the status 
USB Mass Storage Class driver
This driver allows your PC to read and write 
memory cards in the camcorder.
Since there is no need to install this driver, 
the item is not displayed. Simply connect 
the camcorder to the PC with a USB cable, 
and you can read and write memory cards 
in the camcorder.
Be sure NOT to connect the USB cable 
between the camcorder and the PC before 
installing the driver.
CyberLink DVD Solution
PowerProducer 2 Gold
PowerProducer 2 Gold is software for 
creating movie discs incorporating not only 
video but also slideshows. This software 
uses a simple wizard format for creating a 
wide range of different format discs. You 
can also edit imported video. You can 
import video from the camera, edit it, and 
then create a slideshow from still images. 
You can create a customized menu for the 
video or slideshow and write the contents to 
DVD or other media.
PowerDirector 3
PowerDirector 3 is software for easily 
capturing video from a camcorder and for 
easily editing MPEG, AVI, and other video 
files, still images, and other contents for 
creating a movie. This software has an 
interface that allows editing in either 
timeline or storyboard mode, maintains 
superior image quality, uses SVRT for high-
speed rendering, and has a host of other 
advanced video editing features. You can 
export video files as DV format (AVI) to 
record on a DV tape.
If PowerProducer or PowerDirector is 
already installed, uninstall the software, 
then install the supplied CyberLink DVD 
Digital Photo Navigator 1.0
This application is used to organize still 
images and convert them into a variety of 
G.726 decoder
This is an audio decoder for video clips 
created by the camcorder (extension “.asf”).
Install G.726 decoder only when the 
camcorder is equipped with E-Mail Clip 
Recording function.
Load the provided CD-ROM into 
the PC.
After a moment, the [SETUP] screen 
● From the [SETUP] screen, you can 
install the desired driver or software.
● If the [SETUP] screen does not 
appear, double-click the CD-ROM 
icon in the [My Computer] window.
Click [Install] on the right side 
of the desired software and 
follow the on screen 
instructions to complete the 
The installation of the selected driver 
or software starts. The procedure 
differs depending on the driver or the 
Software Installation 
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