This camcorder’s 2-way power supply system lets you
choose the most appropriate source of power. Do not use
provided power supply units with other equipment.
Make sure you unplug the camcorder’s DC cord from
the AC Power Adapter/Charger. Plug the AC Adapter/
Charger’s power cord into an AC outlet. The POWER
indicator lights.
Attach the battery pack with the 
 mark aligned
with the corresponding marks on the AC Power
Adapter/Charger. The CHARGE Indicator begins
blinking to indicate charging has started.
When the CHARGE indicator stops blinking but stays
lit, charging is finished. Slide the battery and lift off.
Remember to unplug the AC Adapter/Charger’s
power cord from the AC outlet.
To AC outlet
CHARGE indicator
Battery pack
BN-V416U or
DC OUT connector
AC Power
● If the protective cap is attached to the battery pack, remove it first.
● Perform charging where the temperature is between 10°C and 35°C. 20°C to 25°C is the ideal temperature
range for charging. If the environment is too cold, charging may be incomplete.
● Charging times noted above are for a fully discharged battery pack.
● Charging time varies according to the ambient temperature and the status of the battery pack.
● To avoid interference with reception, do not use the AC Power Adapter/Charger near a radio.
● If you connect the camcorder’s DC cord to the adapter during battery charging, power is supplied to the
camcorder and charging stops.
● Since the AC Power Adapter/Charger processes electricity internally, it becomes warm during use. Be sure to
use it only in well-ventilated areas.
● When charging the battery pack for the first time or after a long storage period, the CHARGE indicator may
not light. In this case, remove the battery pack from the AC Power Adapter/Charger, then try charging again.
● If the battery operation time remains extremely short even after having been fully charged, the battery is
worn out and needs to be replaced. Please purchase a new one.
Lithium-ion is vulnerable in colder
About Batteries
DANGER! Do not attempt to take the batteries apart, or
expose them to flame or excessive heat, as it may cause a fire
or explosion.
WARNING! Do not allow the battery or its terminals to come
in contact with metals, as this can result in a short circuit and
possibly start a fire.
The Benefits Of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Lithium-ion battery packs are small but have a large power
capacity. However, when one is exposed to cold temperatures
(below 10°C), its usage time becomes shorter and it may cease
to function. If this happens, place the battery pack in your
pocket or other warm, protected place for a short time, then
re-attach it to the camcorder. As long as the battery pack itself
is not cold, it should not affect performance.
(If you’re using a heating pad, make sure the battery pack does
not come in direct contact with it.)
Battery pack
BN-V416U (optional)
BN-V428U (optional)
Fully charging time
approx. 1 hr. 30 min.
approx. 2 hrs.
approx. 3 hrs. 20 min.