NOTE Recording From The Middle Of A Tape

NOTE: Recording From The Middle Of A Tape
Time Code
During recording, a time code is recorded on the tape. This code is to confirm the location of the recorded
scene on the tape during playback.
If recording starts from a blank portion, the time code begins counting from “00:00:00”
(minute:second:frame). If recording starts from the end of a previously recorded scene, the time code
continues from the last time code number.
To perform Random Assemble Editing (
 pg. 52 – 57), time code is necessary. If during recording a blank
portion is left partway through the tape, the time code is interrupted. When recording is resumed, the time
code starts counting up again from “00:00:00”. This means the camcorder may record the same time
codes as those existing in a previously recorded scene. To prevent this, perform “Recording From The
Middle of A Tape” below in the following cases;
•When shooting again after playing back a
recorded tape.
•When power shuts off during shooting.
•When a tape is removed and re-inserted during
•When shooting using a partially recorded tape.
•When shooting on a blank portion located
partway through the tape.
•When shooting again after shooting a scene
then opening/closing the cassette holder cover.
Recording From The Middle Of A Tape
1. Play back a tape to find the spot at which you want to start recording, then engage the Still Playback
mode (
 pg. 31).
2. Set the Power Switch to “
” or “
” while pressing down the Lock Button located on the switch, then
start recording.
● The time code cannot be reset.
● During fast-forwarding and rewinding, the time code indication does not move smoothly.
● The time code is displayed only when “TIME CODE” is set to “ON” (
 pg. 25, 32).
Shooting start point
Newly recorded scene
Already recorded scene
Time code
Time code
Time code
Shooting start point
Shooting stop point
TC 1 2 : 3 4 : 2 4
When a blank portion is recorded on a tape
Shooting start point
Time code
Time code
Time code
Shooting start point
Shooting start point
Proper recording
Latest scene
New scene
Already recorded scene
(25 frames = 1 second)
Frames are not displayed
during recording.