JVC RX-F31S Instruction Manual

Creating realistic sound fields

Creating realistic
sound fields
Reproducing theater ambience
In a movie theater, many speakers are located on the walls to
reproduce impressive multi-channel sound, reaching you from all
With these many speakers, sound localization and sound
movement can be expressed.
Surround/DSP modes built in this receiver can create almost the
same Surround sound as you can feel in a real movie theater.
Introducing the Surround modes
■ Dolby Digital*
Dolby Digital is a digital signal compression method, developed by
Dolby Laboratories, and enables multi-channel encoding and
• When Dolby Digital signal is detected through the digital input,
the DOLBY D indicator lights up on the display.
Dolby Digital 5.1CH
Dolby Digital 5.1CH (DOLBY D) encoding method records and
digitally compresses the left front channel, right front channel,
center channel, left surround channel, right surround channel, and
LFE channel signals (total 6 channels, but the LFE channel is
counted as 0.1 channel. Therefore, called 5.1 channel).
Dolby Digital enables stereo surround sounds, and sets the cutoff
frequency of the surround treble at 20 kHz, compared to 7 kHz for
Dolby Pro Logic. As such, the sound movement and “being-there”
feeling are enhanced much more than Dolby Pro Logic.
Dolby Digital EX
Dolby Digital EX (DOLBY D EX) is a digital surround encoding
format that adds the third surround channels, called “surround
Compared to the conventional Dolby Digital 5.1CH, these newly
added surround back channels can reproduce more detailed
movements behind you while viewing the video software. In
addition, surround sound localization will become more stable.
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