JVC RX-F31S Instruction Manual

Getting started

Putting batteries in the remote control
Before using the remote control, put two supplied batteries first.
Press and slide the battery cover on the back
of the remote control.
Insert batteries.
Make sure to match the polarity: (+) to (+) and (–) to (–).
Replace the cover.
If the range or effectiveness of the remote control decreases,
replace the batteries. Use two R6(SUM-3)/AA(15F) type dry-cell
• Supplied butteries are for initial setup. Replace for continued
Follow these precautions to avoid leaking or cracking cells:
• Place batteries in the remote control so they match the polarity:
(+) to (+) and (–) to (–).
• Use the correct type of batteries. Batteries that look similar may
differ in voltage.
• Always replace both batteries at the same time.
• Do not expose batteries to heat or flame.
When using the remote control, aim the remote control directly at
the remote sensor on the front panel.
Remote sensor
Setting the voltage selector
Before connections, always do the following first if necessary.
Select the correct voltage in VOLTAGE SELECTOR on the rear
of the receiver by using a screw driver.
• Check to be sure if the voltage mark is set to the voltage for
your area where this unit plugs in.
Getting started
Before Installation
General precautions
• Be sure your hands are dry.
• Turn the power off to all components.
• Read the manuals supplied with the components you are going
to connect.
• Install the receiver in a location that is level and protected from
moisture and dust.
• The temperature around the receiver must be between –5˚C
and 35˚C.
• Make sure there is good ventilation around the receiver. Poor
ventilation could cause overheating and damage the receiver.
• Leave sufficient distance between the receiver and the TV.
Handling the receiver
• Do not insert any metal object into the receiver.
• Do not disassemble the receiver or remove screws, covers, or
• Do not expose the receiver to rain or moisture.
• Do not pull on the power cord to unplug the cord. When
unplugging the cord, always grasp the plug so as not to damage
the cord.
• When you are away on travel or otherwise for an extended
period or time, remove the plug from the wall outlet. A small
amount of power is always consumed while the power cord is
connected to the wall outlet.
The receiver has a built-in cooling fan which operates
while the receiver is turned on. Be sure to leave enough
ventilation to obtain sufficient cooling effect.
Do not connect the AC power plug to the wall outlet until all
connections are completed.
Checking the supplied accessories
Check to be sure you have all of the following supplied
accessories. If anything is missing, contact your dealer
• Remote control (
× 1)
• Batteries (
× 2)
• AM loop antenna (
× 1)
• FM antenna (
× 1)
• Digital coaxial cable (
× 1)
To operate the receiver, set
the mode selector to
230 -
Voltage mark
05.6.13, 10:35