COMPU LINK Remote Control System

Cassette deck
CD recorder
COMPU LINK Remote Control System
CD player
Automatic Power On/Off (Standby): only possible with the
Both the CD player and cassette deck (or CD recorder) turn on and
off (standby) along with the receiver.
When you turn on the receiver, the CD player or cassette deck (or
CD recorder) will turn on automatically, depending on which
component has been previously selected.
When you turn off the receiver, both the CD player and cassette
deck (or CD recorder) will turn off (standby).
Synchronized Recording
Synchronized recording means the cassette deck starts recording as
soon as a CD begins playing.
To use synchronized recording, follow these steps:
1 Put a tape in the cassette deck and a disc in the
CD player.
2 Press the record (
¶) button and the pause (8)
button on the cassette deck at the same time.
This puts the cassette deck into recording pause.
If you do not press the record (
¶) button and pause (8) button at
the same time, the synchronized recording feature will not
3 Press the play (
3) button on the CD player.
The source changes on the receiver, and as soon as play starts,
the cassette deck starts recording. When the play ends, the
cassette deck enters recording pause, and stops about 4 seconds
• During synchronized recording, the selected source cannot be
• If the power of any component is shut off during synchronized
recording, the COMPU LINK remote control system may not
operate properly. In this case, you must start again from the
The COMPU LINK remote control system allows you to operate
JVC’s audio components through the remote sensor on the receiver.
To use this remote control system, you need to connect JVC’s audio
components through the COMPU LINK-4 (SYNCHRO) jacks (see
below) in addition to the connections using cables with RCA pin
plugs (see page 6).
• Make sure that the AC power cords of these components are
unplugged before connection. Plug the AC power cords only after
all connections are completed.
• There are four versions of COMPU LINK remote control system.
This receiver is equipped with the fourth version—COMPU LINK-4.
This version is added systematic operations with the CD recorder to
the previous version—COMPU LINK-3.
• If your audio component has two COMPU LINK jacks, you can use
either one. If it has only one COMPU LINK jack, connect it so that it
is the last item in the series of components.
• To operate the cassette deck or CD recorder using the COMPU
LINK remote control system, set the source name correctly.
(See page 8.)
• Refer also to the manuals supplied with your audio components.
This remote control system allows you to use four functions listed
Remote Control through the Remote Sensor on the Receiver
You can control the connected audio components through the remote
sensor on the receiver using this remote control. Aim the remote
control directly at the remote sensor on the receiver. For details, see
pages 25 to 27.
Automatic Source Selection
When you press the play (
3) button on a connected component or
on its own remote control, the receiver automatically turns on and
changes the source to the component. On the other hand, if you
select a new source on the receiver or on the remote control, the
selected component begins playing immediately.
In both cases, the previously selected source continues playing
without sound for a few seconds.
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